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Solving your wastewater problems

We are not trying to sell the equipment and leave you to decide what to do with it. We analyse your problems and find ways of solving them cost-effectively
Solving your wastewater problems
We are not trying to sell the equipment and leave you to decide what to do with it. We analyse your problems and find ways of solving them cost-effectively
Solving your wastewater problems
This is one of the amazing visualisations created by the US Geological Survey: an image that gives you a great idea of how much water there is on Earth, compared to the solid materials that make up the bulk of it.The big blue ball represents the amount of water in the world, the small one the amount of freshwater.
On a planetary scale, the Earth cannot run out of fresh water thanks to the water cycle, a system that continuously produces and recycles water from steam to liquid, to ice and back again, circulating around the globe. So it's not really a question of how much water there is, but how much is available to us. 97% of the liquid on Earth is salt water, too rich in minerals to be consumed in food or used in agriculture.

Of the remaining 3% of potentially usable freshwater, more than two-thirds is frozen in ice caps and glaciers. This leaves us with less than 1% of the available water spread across our planet in rivers, lakes, underground springs, ground ice and permafrost. It is these water sources that are quickly polluted by humans, but slowly replenished by rain and snowfall.

This puts too much strain on the earth's water system to guarantee that most of the wastewater is recycled. And this is very difficult to implement, as it is much easier to apply wastewater treatment haphazardly or not to treat it at all.
If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it.
— Albert Einstein
These were wise words, but our observation is that most companies do not listen to them when implementing water treatment projects. How many times have we all seen a project go one way and then realize in hindsight that it should have gone the other way? How many times have we all seen an innovative water treatment method that seems to be a breakthrough and then turns out to be impossible to implement or solves the wrong problem?
Ion exchange wastewater treatment
  • Cleansing mainly of calcium and magnesium salts;
  • Use of large quantities of chemicals;
  • The use of large quantities of salt to regenerate the resin;
  • Disposal of sludge from such treatment is prohibited;
  • Creation of special conditions for waste disposal;
  • High setting requirements;
  • Very high power consumption for heating;
  • Low capacity. Evaporation cycles take a long time;
  • Pre-treatment of water;
  • After desalination, water must be deodorised on filters loaded with active carbon and disinfected;
Membrane method
  • High electricity consumption for heating water;
  • Pre-treatment of water is required before treatment;
  • Significant consumption of water for drainage;
  • Constant monitoring of pressure and other parameters of the osmosis process;
Reverse osmosis
  • Expensive equipment;
  • The need for periodic filter replacement;
  • Electricity costs;
Indeed, when developing new products, treatment methods or even water treatment plants, most companies do not carefully identify the problems they are trying to solve and articulate why these problems are important.
It seems obvious now, but not then
To really make a difference, we needed to create a method that cleans any volume, is fully automated and is designed to clean water from any source of pollution at a minimal cost, affordable for residents of any country.
We have focused our efforts on creating the most productive, and at the same time affordable, way to treat wastewater of any pollution
Essentially, we needed a one-size-fits-all way of maintaining the water system. We needed a cost/value ratio, which meant that the system had to be easy to learn and highly efficient. Because traditional methods cannot support our vision of how to treat wastewater in the long term, we had to look for another method.
We made availability the cornerstone of our new water system. We wanted to relieve customers from having to build facilities with a limited shelf life and, moreover, sensitive to the slightest change in the composition of the water to be treated.
Chandwin Engineering - provider of desalination and wastewater treatment solutions
Headquartered in Singapore, our water treatment technology has a heritage of over 50 years of innovation. Chandwin Engineering is firmly positioned to advise, design and implement large-scale biotechnology projects for industrial and municipal customers on a global scale.
In addition to drinking water, Chandwin Engineering offers solutions for customers with critical needs with recycled water for industrial production, food and beverage, healthcare, refining and more.
Our forward-looking team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced leaders and academics from around the world.
Working with each other and with like-minded people around the world, their knowledge and expertise come together to make a difference for all stakeholders - employees, investors and customers all over the world. Our world-class expertise and ever-expanding range of technologies has enabled Chandwin Engineering to become a trusted partner for municipal and industrial customers worldwide.
Every day, people and companies rely on us as a trusted partner to help them solve their water needs.
Trying to go the beaten path will make you boring
All the time smoothing over corners and finding different compromises - you become mediocre. And instead of reaching out to all people, you don't truly reach out to anyone.
Accept that there will always be companies that still offer outdated technology to the market that don't like you or your product. Concentrate on those people who need clean water at affordable prices, which is enough to make it worth your while. And don't try to change others' minds - after all, even the best books have negative reviews.
We will continue to play the role of a benchmark engineering company internationally.
We combine internal and external culture, policies and innovative strategies that enable us to add value to our society with a sustainable perspective. Our goal is to be recognised for the value we add through solutions that respect the environment and promote resource recovery from waste. We are constantly striving to apply innovation and use technology to improve our products and services, and we will forge further strategic partnerships with technology partners to share knowledge and expertise that will lead us towards achieving these goals.

We want to say a special thank you to our amazing partners

It has truly been a wonderful experience working with you!
Information describing the technical and economic parameters of the three options for the construction of sewage treatment plants.
Statistics of the effectiveness of the impact on emissions to justify the feasibility of rationing the amount of waste generated.
Data for comparative analysis of biological treatment complexes for oil and fat production.
Data on emissions from wastewater treatment plants by release rate using open surfaces.
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Whatever your water problems are, we are ready to share our vision, experience and solutions so that you can move forward.
We have built an impeccable reputation over decades of work. We are trusted by small businesses and large corporations alike.
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